Yongan Speech for the environmental Drying Furnace in China Glass 2015


In recent years, the Chinese economy has entered a new era that from high growth to the moderate growth, and the economic structural is optimizing and upgrading continually, which from factor-driven, investment-driven to innovation-driven. Therefore, it is a critical period for flat glass industry to structure regulation. In the process of speeding up industrial upgrading, screen-printing of deep processing has made new progress, for example, green production of energy saving and environmental protection, application of high performance high efficiency advanced technologies equipment and new printed materials, and the innovation of product.

In order to implement the central government's scientific development concept, and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, YongAn Co. has independently developed the environmentally friendly energy stainless steel drying equipment in last year, and it provides a solution of energy saving and emission reduction can be achieved for the glass printing business. The green energy stainless steel dryer utilizes “201 material” of stainless steel in body, and the thermal-protective coating is adopted environmental protection cotton of international standards to ensure the outer body temperature below 40 during normal operation. It improves the safety of the device, prevents premature aging of equipment, and extend the life of the equipment. The green energy dryer is also equipped with a new AR infrared heat pipe; it can save up to 40% of electricity consumption compare to conventional AR dryer under the same conditions. Hence, the green energy dryer achieves the emission reduction targets from the true sense. The new AR-infrared heat pipe has two distinct features. Firstly, high hot reflectance, the thermal emission rate of new AR-infrared heat pipe increased by 75% compared to the conventional AR-infrared heat pipe in the same case. In other words, in the dryer length and drying time the same situation, the green energy stainless steel dryer’ products will be better of the degree of cure, it can improve product quality and reduce harmful substances discharged due to printing ink volatilization. Secondly, long service life, usually; the length of 2,000mm of the new AR-infrared heat pipe’s working life can up to 8000 hours. Therefore, it will be able to reduce production costs, and gain greater economic benefits.

Now, the environmentally friendly energy-saving stainless steel dryer of YongAn Co. production has been successfully used in household appliances, automobile glass and other industries. For this dryer, our customers consider that overall is very satisfied, although there are some deficiencies. In the future, YongAn Co. will further improve this new drying equipment, and provides better energy-saving products and services for customers.


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